Standard Refrigerants and New R-22 Replacement

134a, R-22, R-12, R-410a, and R-424a Refrigerants Replacements

This is your store for the lowest prices on cylinders and/or small cans of 134a, R-22, R-12, R-410a, and R-424a. The industry standards. We’ve established a 17 year running relationship with some of the nation’s largest refrigerant bottlers, and can pass our wholesale savings on to you.

Call 800-524-5987 for current prices which fluctuate:

R-12 Freon 12-can case

R-12 Freon 30 lb. cylinder

R-22 (single-30 lb. cylinder) 989-464-8832

Pallet R-22 (30 lb. 40 cylinders) 989-464-8832

R-134a 30 lb. cylinder 989-464-8832

 Pallet (40 cylinders) of 134a 30 lb. cylinders

R-134a can case

R-134 can Pallet (105 cases) 134 of 134a

For R-290 go here

989-464-8832 Mo-Fri 9-5 EST