Why Enviro-Safe Hydrocarbon Refrigerants?

Enviro-Safe ES-12a/134a Replacement is 100% compatible with every aspect of both R-12 and 134a A/C systems. It is colder, lighter, and easier to compress than either R-12 or 134a, hence less drag on the engine, less workload for your compressor, and better gas mileage while running your A/C system.

It is compatible with mineral, ester and PAG oils. The molecules are three times larger than a 134a molecule and similar in size to an R-12 molecule. It is therefore much less likely to leak and does not require barrier hoses to prevent leakage as 134a does. It is also much more efficient at dissipating heat at the condenser than 134a, so no need for larger capacity condensers or an extra auxiliary fan.

The cans have standard 134a sized fittings on their tops, so a 134a top-tap will fit perfectly. An R-12 sidetap will fit them also as they are the same diameter as the old R-12 cans.

If tapping the top of the cans, invert them so the product charges into your low-side service port as a liquid. It will flash to a gas once in the system. For best results, do not charge into a vacuum.

This product performs best when charged right into atmospheric pressure, and on an average Summer day, you want the low-side pressure to level off at between 35-40 psi, measured with the engine and A/C running on max. Your high side pressure will be approximately 200 psi + /- 20 psi or so.

This product is non-toxic, and the autoignition temperature is 1,585 F. Each can contains 6 oz of refrigerant, which is equivalent to 18 oz. of R-12 or 16 oz. of 134a.

Note: We can now ship this product to Canadian customers too.

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