Hydrocarbon Refrigerants

Enviro-Safe Refrigerants are hydrocarbon refrigerants that are ultra-efficient. 

6 oz. of Enviro-Safe is equivalent to 18 oz. of R-12 or 16 oz. of R-134a. It is colder than 134a and has much larger molecules that are less likely to leak.

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Traditional Refrigerants R-12, R-22, R-410a, R-424a

This is your store for the lowest prices on cylinders and/or small cans of 134a, R-22, R-12, R-410a, and R-424a. The industry standards. We’ve established a 22 year running relationship with some of the nation’s largest refrigerant bottlers, and can pass our wholesale savings on to you.

ProSeal XL-4 and ProDry XL-4 Injects for R-22 and R-410A Serious Leaks!

Introducing Proseal XL-4 and ProDry XL-4 Inject! Fully compatible with all refrigerants except ammonia.

System pump-down not needed on R-410a or R-22 systems. One use permanently seals leak.

One ProSeal XL-4 Inject good for 1.5-5 ton unit application. Huge time savers!