ProSeal XL-4 and ProDry XL-4 Injects for R-22 and R-410A Serious Leaks!

Introducing Proseal XL-4 and ProDry XL-4 Inject! Fully compatible with all refrigerants except ammonia.

System pump-down not needed on R-410a or R-22 systems. One use permanently seals leak.

One ProSeal XL-4 Inject good for 1.5-5 ton unit application. Huge time savers!


1. Turn the A/C system on and verify unit is running. Connect ES Proseal XL-4 Inject to low-side service port.

2. Connect the manifold refrigerant hose to refrigerant supply tank. Verify high and low-side valves on manifold are closed before proceeding. Purge the low pressure hose when connecting the ES ProSeal XL-4 inject.

3. Open low side valve and watch for the tube to clear. This will only take a few seconds. Turn off low-side manifold as soon as inject tube is clear. Turn off refrigerant gas. Verify system is charged to mfg specs. Disconnect low-side hose from ES ProSeal XL-4 Inject. Install service port cap. Run the A/C unit at least one hour after installing ES ProSeal Inject.

* To purchase for 1.5 ton unit ProSeal XL-4 Injects click here to buy now: $29.95

* To purchase for over 1.5 ton up to 5 ton unit ProSeal Injects click here to buy now: $34.95

* Special contractor’s package of four 1.5-5 ton unit ProSeal XL-4 Injects click here to buy now: $125.00

* Or call us 9-5 PM EST at 989-464-8832

To purchase ProDry XL-4 Inject for up to 5 ton unit, click here to buy now: $34.95

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