Note: One of our hydrocarbon refrigerants is back! It's the "134a Replacement" you've been purchasing from us for years, formerly known as ES-12a. It is $65.00 per case of 12-cans or two cases for $120.00! Until we get our website reset please call us to order it at 800-524-5987 or online order below.

Order your case of ES-134a Replacement (formerly ES-12a) Here (free shipping)

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This is your place for the lowest prices on cylinders and small cans of 134a, R-22, R-12, R-410a, and R-424a. The industry standards.We've established a 15 year running relationship with some of the nation's largest refrigerant bottlers, and can pass our wholesale savings on to you.

All of our prices include shipping.
R-12 Freon   12-can case $420.00 (free shipping)
R-12 Freon   30 lb. cylinder $1,1000.00 (free shipping)  
  R-22 (single-30 lb. cylinder) "home freon" $320.00 (free shipping)
Pallet R-22 (30 lb. 40 cylinders)  $240.00 per cylinder (free shipping)
R-134a 30 lb. cylinder $140.00 (free shipping)
Pallet (40 cylinders) of 134a 30 lb. cylinders  $100.00 per cylinder (free shipping)
R-134a can case  $80.00 per case (free shipping)
R-134 can Pallet (105 cases) 134 of 134a  $60.00 per case (free shipping) 
410a 25lb cylinder $135.00 (free shipping)
Need an EPA approved effective, efficient, R-22 replacement, which requires no changes whatosver to the R-22 system?
Try R-424a! Fully compatible with all aspects of R-22 air-conditioning systems. You can connect to these 24 lb cylinders with your standard R-12/R-22 gauge set, and as the price of R-22 goes up and out of site, you can rely on this product to continue to be readily available.
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Purchase R-424a cylinder for $219.00 (free shipping)
By the 40 cylinder pallet, R-424a is $172.00 per cylinder
800-524-5987 Mo-Fri 9-5 EST
You may change the quantity in the order section for ordering multiple cylinders up to 39 units on all products.
If you need a pallet that is not clickable call the 800 number above or use e-mail link below.