Note: We no longer sell hydrocarbon refrigerants. Please include your EPA refrigerant purchasing license # in the "special requests" section when you order R-12, R-22, R-410a, or R-424a online. Section 608/Section 609 licensing may be obtained at
This is an inexpensive open book test. Purchasing license is available immediately upon completion.
This is your place for the lowest prices on cylinders and small cans of 134a, R-22, R-12, R-410a, and R-424a. The industry standards.We've established a 15 year running relationship with some of the nation's largest refrigerant bottlers, and can pass our wholesale savings on to you.
All of our prices include shipping.
R-12 Freon   12-can case $420.00 (free shipping)
R-12 Freon   30 lb. cylinder $1,1000.00 (free shipping)  
  R-22 (single-30 lb. cylinder) "home freon" $320.00 (free shipping)
Pallet R-22 (30 lb. 40 cylinders)  $240.00 per cylinder (free shipping)
R-134a 30 lb. cylinder $140.00 (free shipping)
Pallet (40 cylinders) of 134a 30 lb. cylinders  $100.00 per cylinder (free shipping)
R-134a can case  $80.00 per case (free shipping)
R-134 can Pallet (105 cases) 134 of 134a  $60.00 per case (free shipping) 
410a 25lb cylinder $135.00 (free shipping)
Need an EPA approved effective, efficient, R-22 replacement, which requires no changes whatosver to the R-22 system?
Try R-424a! Fully compatible with all aspects of R-22 air-conditioning systems. You can connect to these 24 lb cylinders with your standard R-12/R-22 gauge set, and as the price of R-22 goes up and out of site, you can rely on this product to continue to be readily available.
For complete info on R-424a  click here
Purchase R-424a cylinder for $219.00 (free shipping)
By the 40 cylinder pallet, R-424a is $172.00 per cylinder
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You may change the quantity in the order section for ordering multiple cylinders up to 39 units on all products.
If you need a pallet that is not clickable call the 800 number above or use e-mail link below.