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Enviro-Safe Refrigerants

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Enviro-Safe Refrigerants are hydrocarbon refrigerants that are ultra-efficient .
6 oz. of Enviro-Safe is equivalent to 18 oz. of R-12 or 16 oz. of R-134a. It is colder than 134a and has much larger molecules that are less likely to leak.
12-can cases of 134a replacement (ES-12a) may be ordered for only $65.00
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*(all regular ES-12a cans now have leak detection added! (pictured here)  Our new ES-12a labels say "134a Replacement w/Dye". This is for EPA purposes as well as for letting those with 134a systems know this product is for them too. In addition, we will provide free shipping on single and multiple case orders! Server is securely encrypted at the credit card page).
2 cases of ES-12a (leak detection added) $120.00 (free shipping) Order here !
Buy special 6-pack of ES-12a cans  $42.00 ($7.00 shipping 7 lb equivalent.)
Introducing our newer "Industrial 12a" in the cans. (pictured here)  The picture shows the original 8 oz. cans but these are the new 6 oz. cans. Each 6 oz.can of it is equivalent to 18 oz./Freon or 16 oz./134a. It is even colder than the regular ES-12a! It is a slightly higher pressure product and may be charged into a medium vac, a shallow vac or even zero vac. That makes it virtually mistake-proof, unless you over-charge the system. If you think the regular formula is cold (and it most certainly is), this Industrial 12a will amaze and delight.

$88.00 per case (12 cans) of Industrial 12a-6 oz cans (free shipping).Order here! 

2 cases of Industrial 12a $160.00 (free shipping) Order here!

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Can't use a case? "Quick-charge kit" 3 cans ES-12a, 1 can stopleak, 1 charging hose, 1 high/low fitting  $49.95 ($7.00 shipping)

 On the other hand, if you need a 30lb. cylinder.

Buy the ES-12a (134a Replacement) cylinders here   $180.00 (Free Shipping!) (36 lb equivalent)

Picture of ES-12a cylinder 

NOTE: An adult signature is required to receive cylinders so please use a shipping address where someone can sign for it, like your workplace address for example.

The 30 equivalent cylinders contain "Industrial 12a (Industrial 134a Replacement)".

New extra long chargehose (picture) w/inline gauge for use with cylinders! $30.00

New extra long chargehose (picture) w/inline gauge for use with smaller cans! $30.00

Buy special 6-pack of ES-12a cans  $42.00 ($7.00 shipping 7 lb equiv.)

100 cases (full pallet ES-12a refrigerant): $3,600.00 ($36.00 per case with free shipping!

Call toll-free 9-5 EST (mon-fri)   800-524-5987 (for verbal ordering)  

These products get extremely cold and extend compressor and other A/C part life. They have a perfect product liability record, millions of happy customers and are manufactured and bottled in The United States of America.

Yes, ES-12a is great for tractors too!

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 Enviro-Safe (ES-12a) refrigerants are perfectly compatible with both R-12 and R-134a systems. EPA only allows them in 134a systems or converted R-12 systems.

(Remember, if you'd like more than 1 of any item, you can change the "1" to any number of those items and the e-commerce section will recalculate for you automatically). 

Purchase R-12 charge hose ($19.95 for charging Enviro products like stopleak into R12 sized service port fittings...fits all Enviro cans and R12 service port fittings. Superior quality.)(picture)  

Purchase R-134a hose/cantap ($14.95...fits Enviro cans.These are brand new, they are longer, higher quality, USA made, for charging systems with 134a sized service port fittings) ( picture)

Purchase R-12/universal side-tap ($17.00...fits Enviro, Freeze-12 , or 134a cans ( picture)  and connects to the yellow hose on your R12 gauge set  or 134a gauge set

New R-134a-sized high/low service port fittings $9.50/pair for converting R-12 units to ES-12a(No need to remove inner core of original fitting. Installs in seconds!)   (picture)  

Oil Charge (1 can ester) ($7.50) 4 oz. pressurized can (picture) 

  12-can case ester oil charge ($70.00)

Stopleak (for rubber leaks) 1 can ($8.00) 4 oz. pressurized can (picture)

Stopleak (for rubber leaks) 12-can case ($70.00)

Super stopleak (for leaks in metal, evaporators or condensers) 1 can "Pro-Seal" ($15.00) (picture)

Super stopleak (for leaks in metal) "Pro-Seal" 12-can case ($105.00)

(click pic above to enlarge)

Pro-Dry single cans ($15.00 dries the system) (picture)

System Flush single cans ($15.00)

R-12/R-22 Gauge set ($92.00)

complete with hoses

R-134a Gauge set ($92.00)

Enviro-Safe refrigerants are also fully guaranteed and satisfaction is always assured by  

Enviro-Safe pressure/temp. chart 

Technicians Information

Enviro-Safe Hydrocarbon Refrigerants: More relevant info (FAQ's)


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